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    ICEFaces Error

    Monkey Den Master

      Anyone else get this? Why should ICEFaces care about portal?

      15:17:25,175 DEBUG [FacesContextFactoryImpl] Portlet classes not available: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.portlet.PortletRequest
      15:17:25,175 DEBUG [D2DViewHandler] Seam Keyword shortcut found, new ViewRoot

      A long time ago I said "Ajax isn't going to change my life for the better". I'm beginning to see how right I was.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          afaik, rendering jsf into a portal requires different things than rendering into a single webpage. You could have seen found that by all the questions there were related to jsf and portals.

          And btw, nothing changes your life only for the better. Everything has its downsides. ICEFaces is nice when used separately. In combination with Seam it it not there yet, but making advancements.

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            Philip Breau Newbie

            It's nothing to worry about. ICEfaces is simply checking for portlet classes and not finding them, so it will treat your app as a non-portlet-based app. I'll log a bug at ICEfaces to generate a less unsettling debug message.