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    Validation issue in adapted Registration example

    Stefan Hörmann Newbie


      in order to build my first seam application, I decided to adapt the Registration example. In the first step I changed the name of the context root and the jar, war, and ear files to myapp. After deploying everything works fine except JSF-Hibernate validation. Validation is only done during persisting the object. In case of invalid data no data constraints will be displayed. Why Seam or JSF does not trigger validation before persisting the user object?

      I changed the following files of the Registration example:
      - <web-uri>jboss-seam-registration.war</web-uri> -> <web-uri>myapp.war</web-uri>
      - <context-root>/seam-registration</context-root> -> <context-root>/myapp</context-root>
      - jboss-seam-registration.jar -> myapp.jar
      - seam.jboss.org:loader=seam-registration -> seam.jboss.org:loader=myapp
      - <core:init jndi-pattern="jboss-seam-registration/#{ejbName}/local"/> -> <core:init jndi-pattern="myapp/#{ejbName}/local"/>

      Without these changes JSF-Hibernate validation works fine.

      Any Ideas?

      Thanks in advance