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    asynchronous workflow in seam without jBPM

    Christian Pressler Newbie

      i built a pipeline within my seam application. that is, a user can upload a file to the server and as soon as the file is uploaded, the pipeline starts. even when the user logs out, the pipeline still runs until every task is comleted. the several tasks read file contents and save it into a database. my problem now is that i can't Inject my EntityManager or the Seam Logger into my Pipeline classes. EntityManager and Logger are always null. This Pipeline classes are ThreadPoolExecutors with @Name Annotation. In all other classes (e.g.my UploadBean which is sateless) i can inject the EntityManager and the em.persist(obj) works fine.I remember that i got an no application context active exception, has that anything to do with it? I now try to solve this problem by using jBPM, but is this the only way to implement async workflow?

      the following is one of my PipeLine classes which will thorow a null pointer exception while trying to persist a task due EntityManager is null because its not injected

      public class ConvertExecutor extends PipelineExecutor implements IPipelineExecutor {

      private EntityManager entityManager;

      public ConvertExecutor(int corePoolSize, int maximumPoolSize,
      long keepAliveTime, TimeUnit unit, BlockingQueue workQueue) {
      super(corePoolSize, maximumPoolSize, keepAliveTime, unit, workQueue);

      protected void beforeExecute(Thread t, Runnable r) {
      super.beforeExecute(t, r);

      protected void afterExecute(Runnable r, Throwable t) {
      super.afterExecute(r, t);
      SplitTask task = new SplitTask(((PipelineTask) r).getUserUpload(),
      ((PipelineTask) r).getPriority());