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    null exception on @inject in ICEfaces PanelTabListener

    Gus Gu Expert

      Hi there,

      I tried to inject a Seam session bean into panelTabListener, but I always got null value. The code is follows:

      public class TabListenerImpl implements TabChangeListener {
       @In (create=true, required=true)
       @Out (required=false)
       private ProjectFinder projectFinder;
       public void processTabChange(TabChangeEvent e) throws AbortProcessingException {
       int index = e.getNewTabIndex();
       if (index == 0)

      The jsp code:
      <ice:panelTabSet selectedIndex="0" styleClass="myTab">
       <ice:panelTab id="tab1" label="Project">
       <ice:panelGroup id="Panel1">
       <f:subview id="re1">
       <ui:include src="/projects.xhtml" />
       <ice:panelTab id="tab2" label="Tab 2">
       <ice:panelGroup id="Panel2">
       <f:subview id="re2">
       <h:outputText value="Tab 2" />
       <ice:tabChangeListener type="icefaces.TabListenerImpl"/>

      I don't what is wrong with code, or some issues on ICEfaces+Seam. Anybody can give some direction? Thank you in advance.