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    Conversation problem

    Artur Chyzy Newbie

      I have problems with Seam coversations (at least i think it's about conversations).
      I have something like this:

      1. I enter the edit page which start long conversation (@Begin)
      2. I choose another link (button) to show list of dependecy objects for edited object - edited object is propagated correctly.
      3. List of objects are shown correctly - i choose to add another one - nested conversation begins (@Begin(nested="true"))
      4. I edit object (or add another one) - choose some other objects from select like field
      5. I save and object and end conversation (@End)

      I back to list of dependency objects and to the previous conversation i suppose.
      I checked the debug.seam page and the last nested conversation is not removed.

      6. I choose to add aditional object (or edit some previous added object) and the objects selected in last nested conversation is in new conversation - which is wrong !!!

      The bean (which has conversation scope) is also not created - because it still exists from last conversation.

      I also checked the parameters on links and after the save of object link has conversationId and parentConversationId. Ids are also incremented on entering the edit form (but don't change after save).
      Also i put propagation param to links but it didn't help.

      I suppose in some strange way the nested conversation is put to link - but it should't.
      Also why the long conversation is not ended after invoking method with @End annotation ??


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          Artur Chyzy Newbie

          Ok i made it work.
          The problem was that i defined flow (outcomes) in pages.xml
          It was simple navigation with rule - not some fancy tricks around it.
          When i moved navigation to faces-config.xml (actually in other standard config file for JSF definded in web.xml) everything works like a charm.

          This can be my mistake but i checked houndred of possibilities - this one works.

          If anyone have any idea why or encaured similar problems when defining navigation in pages.xml please post.