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    JBPM Context variable lifecycle


      I use the Seam annotations to launch a JBPM process and outject to the BUSINESS_PROCESS context. Everything works great but I find that the outjected variable gets "removed" from JBPM at some indeterminate later time. For example, after the process has been launched (and is in a wait-state), the following code which retrieves the task instances for the current actor and tries to retrieve the variable initially outjected:

      List<TaskInstance> tasks = context.getTaskMgmtSession().findTaskInstances(actorId);
      for (TaskInstance task : tasks)
       Object variable = task.getVariable("NAME USED TO OUTJECT");

      returns "variable" correctly as long I this code runs shortly after the process is launched. After a little while, "variable" is null. Is there something about business process variable lifecycle I don't understand?