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    Fernando Montaño Expert

      Hi everyone.

      I have a question (maybe trouble) related to new scheme attribute in the pages.xml.

      What should it happen if I specify

      <page view-id="*" scheme="http">

      for an application which does not have https support (only http)?

      The reference doc. says:
      "Of course, if none of the pages in your application use HTTPS then it is not required to specify a default

      So, that means if I specify http scheme for a non https application I would get weird behaviour?

      I'm asking this, because I did that change and I got these weird behaviours:
      - #{identity.loggedIn} always return false after I logged in.
      - When a page with login-required="true" is accessed (of course without logged in) I'm redirected to expected page, but no message is displayed.

      Above points disappears when I remove scheme="http" from pages configuration.

      Is that the expected behaviour? will it work when I use https for some pages?.

      Thanks for clearing up this.