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    exceptions.xml : display exception's information

    Brice Chaffangeon Newbie


      I'm looking how to use Seam exception handling with exception.xml, in Seam 1.1.1.
      The redirection seems to be executed, but I know nothing about the exception.

      I've got an actionBean, that throw an exception like

      throw new Exception("Don't worry, just a test...");

      My exceptions.xml is :

       <redirect view-id="/generic_error_page.xhtml">Test</redirect>

      My generic_error_page.xhtml :
      <c:if test="${applicationException != null}">
       <h:outputText value="#{applicationException.localizedMessage}" />

      When I call my actionBean, Exception is thrown and I'm redirected in generic_error_page.xhtml. But no message in it.

      What should I do to have an error page with all exception's information?

      Thanks in advance