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    Pageflow and servlet requests

    Igor Laberov Newbie

      I have a pageflow that consists of 3 pages. It works fine.
      Then, I've decided to add an applet to the second page. The applet performs several requests to my servlet during loading.
      Now, when I press button 'Next' which action that should take me to third page, instead of this, I get error: "The conversation ended, timed out or was processing another request
      Some more details:
      1) Since my servlet need to access to components from current conversation scope, I've added these lines at the beginning of request handling:

      2) URL, that applet accesses the servlet has also additional parameters like conversationId, conversationIsLongRunning=true and conversationPropagation=join

      From my observation, when the button 'Next' is pressed, 'processInstance' in Pageflow.class is null, so the outcome that comes from the action isn't handled by Pageflow navigator.
      I didn't succeed to find when and why 'processInstance' becomes null.

      Should I pass additional parameters to the servlet URL?
      I'm working with 1.1.0 GA, in 1.0.1 this problem wasn't present.