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    view-handler disabled when using Ajax4JSF ?

    Leo Baschy Novice

      Seam-gen in faces-config.xml now has a comment

      <!-- Disabled when using Ajax4JSF -->

      Glad there is a comment, but the missing view-handler confuses. I thought the view-handler was necessary? What is the causality? And if it isn't there, is it now somewhere else?

      In seam reference is reads:

      "to make use of the security EL functions, SeamFaceletViewHandler must be used"

      In seam reference is also reads to use facelets (cannot live without its templating) and to use Seam expression language enhancement (which I don't think I need) you need <view-handler>org.jboss.seam.ui.facelet.SeamFaceletViewHandler</view-handler>.