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    Back button after logout - solved through Seam?

    Thomas Hamacher Novice


      I just included the Seam Security into my application and I´m really thrilled about the very easy and effective solution to all the security issues. I like the "redirect-to-protected-pages-through-login-page"-feature especially. It´s always a common problem and it´s so easy this way.

      This is really the first really good webbased security system, I´ve seen so far. Congratulations to this.

      But I come to another standard web-application-problem: pressing the back button after logout. Is there an elegant way through the seam security feature to prevent users from seeing protected pages with pressing the back-button?

      I know, that there are some options for preventing the browser from caching (e.g. through jsp:scriptlet), as the usual meta-tags aren´t enough in most cases, but I think this is not a very elegant solution and I´d prefer to set these header-information through something like the SeamServlet or the FacesServlet.

      Is there already anything included in Seam? If not, wouldn´t that be anything, that should be included?

      Thanks for your answers