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    Error when deploying to Tomcat

    Michael Harrison Newbie

      I've been struggling for several hours trying to get my Seam app to run on Tomcat. I've hit a brick wall. I get the following error in the catalina.log file:

      SEVERE: Error Rendering View[/home.xhtml]
      javax.faces.el.EvaluationException: Cannot get value for expression '#{testList.firstResult}'
      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: EntityManagerFactory not found in JNDI
      Caused by: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: myappEntityManagerFactory not bound

      Any ideas on what is causing this?

      Many thanks,

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          Juraj Holtak Newbie

          Just deploy to JBoss and it`ll work ;-)
          You need an EJB3 container for EntityManager to work.

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            Michael Harrison Newbie

            Unfortunately, for reasons I won't list, I need to deploy to Tomcat. :-(

            What I find frustrating is I was able to deploy the Seam examples to Tomcat with no problem. I have been comparing my config files with those from the Booking and DVD examples, and so far I cannot find a difference that would explain my apps error messages.

            I know there are 2 directions here: either take a simple example that successfully deploys to Tomcat and grow from that. What I did was use the Seam command line tool to generate an app and to generate the entities from an existing database. I've been working to modify the auto-generated app to deploy on Tomcat. 2 days later, much frustration and no luck... But I'm stubborn, so I'm going to work some more on it. If I find how to get it to work, I'll pass along my lessons learned.


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              eeckmann Newbie

              I have the same problem with jboss-seam from head.