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    Seam 1.2 Errors on Build in Eclipse

    Greg Zoller Newbie


      Just trying out Seam 1.2.0 Patch 1 and ran into a bump.
      I generated a basic application w/seamgen. Nothing fancy--same one I've successfully used w/1.1.6.

      I did:

      seam setup
      seam new-project
      seam generate-entities

      Everything ran w/no problems.
      Added new Java project in Eclipse as I've done before, but this time I got this message:

      Errors during build.
      Errors running builder "Integrated External Tool Builder" on project Spurs4.
      Launch configuration .exploded at C:\Documents and Settings\gzoller\workspace\Spurs4\.exploded.launch does not exist.

      In fact .exploded.launch does exist in the given directory. The exploded directory is not created and of course its not deployed into my JBoss server directory.

      Previous (1.1.6) seamgen projects exist in this instance of Eclipse w/no problems.

      Any ideas?