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    How can i popup a browser window?

    Chico Chen Newbie


      function openWindow(element)
       var vWinUsers = window.open("<userPicker.resetQuery>?formId=projectAddForm&multiSelect=&element=' + element, 'UserPicker', 'status=yes,resizable=yes,top=100,left=200,width=580,height=750,scrollbars=yes');
       vWinUsers.opener = self;
       <input name="pm" />
       <a href="javascript:openWindow('pm');">
       <h:graphicImage url="/img/filter_public.gif" border="0"
       height="16" width="16" align="absMiddle"
       title="Select a user"

      Which code shall i replace <userPicker.resetQuery> with?

      if i use
      <h:commandLink action="#{hotelBooking.selectHotel}" target="_blank">View Hotel</h:commandLink>
      , how to control the window's size like "top=100,left=200,width=580,height=750"?