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    How to call valuechange event on inputtext when user exits t

    kw wong Newbie

      I have a form with email field and want to check the inpputted email is existings in our database or not when user go to next field.

      I want to use ajax feature in inputtext, how can I implement?

      I added the valuechange listener on the field the the function is call when submit the form. I want to call in by ajax call and show the error message w/o refresh the whole page.


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          liumin hu Master

          I think,
          a4j:support event = "onchange"


          "bypassUpdates" attribute allows to bypass the Update Model phase. It might be useful if you need to check your input against the available validator, but not to update the model with those data. Note, that an action will be invoked at the end of the Validation phase only if the Validation phase is passed successfully. The listeners of the Application phase will not be invoked in any case.