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    wrong error when seam component not found


      given this lines in a page:

      <h:outputLabel value="#{bundle['GelAnalysis.status']}" for="status"/>
       <h:selectOneMenu id="status" value="#{GelAnalysisBean.gelanalysis.gelstat}">
       <f:selectItems value="#{statusBacking.statusList}" />
       <h:message for="status" styleClass="errors"/>

      results in a conversion error:-(
      I debugged this kind and after 2 hours i realized that i do not have GelAnalysisBean. This page comes from older times where i called this beasts 'backing'.
      After i changed GelAnalysisBean into GelAnalysisBacking all is well.

      The problem here was the misleading errormessage.
      Since this kind of error is in an EL expression, seam is not to blame? But perhaps someone can put this in the right direction...
      And if i can get an explanation for this behaviour, perhaps this could help in the future.

      Using Seam 1.2.0Patch1 together with richfaces3.0