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    Generating JooReports (http-post)

    Carsten Hoehne Master

      i want to use http://www.artofsolving.com/opensource/jodreports formerly known as Jooreports.
      I have set up the corresponding war archive on our local tomcat server. I can generate PDF and ODT documents.
      Now i want to use this new toy with my seam application. But i have reached the border of my knowledge. I must do an HTTP-Post from server to server. But i do not know how, even i have no clue where i can look for information about this. Perhaps some nice guy can shed some light in here?
      This test function works on a client page:

      function submitOrder(form) {
       var xml = '<anaprot prob="123" reactvol="12" pcrprogram="PCRPROGGY">\n';
       xml += ' <experiment>PCR123</experiment>\n';
       xml += '</anaprot>';
       form.model.value = xml;
       form.action = 'analysisprotocol.'+ form.outputFormat.value;

      The xml is assembled by my seam app and i have to issue the above post from server.
      This is perhaps not an Seam related issue, but i stand on my own feets. So any help is very apreciated.