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    using self-signed certifate with seam security

    Edem Morny Novice

      I have a self signed certificate that i want to use with Seam 1.2Patch1, since it now supports SSL.

      I have created a JAAS DatabaseLoginModule policy but i can't figure out how to make my authentication method make use of that instead of programmatically authenticating users.

      Also, the changelog on Seam 1.1.6.GA says a digested password feature has been added now. Can anybody give me an idea on how to use it to save and retrieve disgested passwords instead of cleartext?

      Lastly, I realise that when i type the url of a page with login-required="true", i'm sent to my login page, but i'm not redirected to the page requested. It only works properly when the request came from a link. Any thoughts?