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    rich:modalPanel does not work after update to 3.2.2

    joe Koch Newbie


      after an update from 3.2.0 to 3.2.2.SR1 i have problems with the rich:modalpanel

      i see only a little box with a button on the top left.

      we found the following case:

      so we try just for fun the 3.3.0.beta5 but there we got still the same.

      i had a look at the generate html =>

      script type="text/javascript">new ModalPanel('panel',
      width: 500,
      height: 276,

      minWidth: 200,
      minHeight: 200,

      resizeable: true,
      moveable: true,

      left: "auto",
      top: "auto",

      zindex: 100,onresize: '',onmove: '',onshow: '',onhide: '',onbeforeshow: '',onbeforehide: '',

      keepVisualState: false,
      showWhenRendered: false,
      selectBehavior: "disable",

      autosized: false});

      this looks good to me.

      may someone else found the same problem?