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    Seam Remoting configuration --- seam/remoting/interface.js

    Mario Marcos Newbie

      Using Eclipse 3.2, Tomcat 5.5, Seam 1.1.6

      I am new to Seam and having trouble understanding the configuration for Seam Remoting, especifically the use of the interface.js library.

      I have tried running the remoting\helloworld example and I keep getting a Javascript alert that says "There was an error processing your request. Error code 404" when I click on the button. Might this error be due to a missing interface.js? I can't find this file anywhere in the Seam distribution. According to the reference guide, this file contains definitions and is generated dynamically, but, generated from what? and where is it created?

      I have searched the forum and haven't found anything regarding this topic. If anyone can lend me a hand I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.