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    Newbie: why em.persist() not writing (flush) to DB until ano

    Lisa Mark Newbie

      May a silly question but i'm new to Seam.

      I have a Seam CRUD application with very limited annotations (left to default in most cases). Problem with Entity beans (EB with only @Entitiy annotation).
      I'm using a plain POJO and wrapping Entity Bean like this

      In StateSessionBean:
      WorkOnEntityBean workOnEntityBean = new WorkOnEntityBean(new SeamEntityBean());

      and then using this workOnEntityBean on XTHML page like StateSessionBean.workOnEntityBean.seamEntityBean.someField

      now user clicks a save action method


      Now I could see only some select statements (some sequence stms.) in my console and no INSERT/UPDATE.

      But then after render/response phase, on other page if i click someother action method (of same bean) then I could see INSERT/UPDATE statements.

      I don't know why its happening. I think i'm missing something.

      Any help would be highly appreciated.