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    Remoting in CVS is currently broken

    Keith Naas Newbie

      Seam Remoting is currently throwing an UnsupportedOperationException

      java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Cannot post to the resource servlet
       at org.jboss.seam.servlet.ResourceServlet.doPost(ResourceServlet.java:107)

      Seam XMLHttpRequests are POSTs so either the doPost should work, or the remoting requests need to go to something that doesn't satisfy the "/seam/resource/*" url-pattern.

      This doPost change was made pretty recently because I have been updating my CVS tree on a daily basis and I'm just now seeing this problem.

      Based on the documentation and current examples I have the following configuration.

       <filter-name>Seam Filter</filter-name>
       <filter-name>Seam Filter</filter-name>
       <servlet-name>Seam Resource Servlet</servlet-name>
       <servlet-name>Seam Resource Servlet</servlet-name>