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    Seam Framework and SFSB currently imposible because of name

    Juraj Holtak Newbie

      Is there a known workaround to deliver what is stated by the Seam doumentation in Chapter 10?

      I`m talking about Bug http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBSEAM-474 and friends...

      I created have this Interface

      public interface SeamEntityHomeSFSB<E>{
       public void create();
       public SCRatingProject initByFactory();
       public boolean isManaged();
       public String update();
       public String persist();
       public String remove();
       public E find();
       public void destroy();

      but JBoss EJB3 thinks, its not good to have remove() with different return types...for what crazy reason ever...

      Any workaround?

      Also there should be a warning in seam documentation, stating that this feature is currently unusable or at least tricky under JBoss.