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    jboss seam and saving to the database

    Hari N Newbie

      I am using Seam 1.1.6 and I am facing the following problem

      " Trying to save values to the database redirects me to the Seam debug page on an exception . I am trying to redirect to my page but I am unable to do ".

      The following is what I have done

      -- I have a database table with constraints on the table ( unique )

      -- Used seam-gen and generated the code for the tables

      -- Wrote a new method in the entityHome to call the persist method

      public String handleRegistration( ) {
      try {
      return "test"
      } catch (Exception e) {
      return null;

      -- I have entries in the navigation.xml to redirect the output on "test" to the proper page

      -- I have entries in the exceptions.xml file but that does not help . I also have the 'catch all' exception.

      Problem :
      On entering a non unique value I get redirected to the Seam's debug page . My understanding was that returning a null would show the same value .

      Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong and what is the correct way of handling this



      PS : The rest of the features of JBoss Seam really rock . I am just unable to get this simple thing to work