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    re: Layout Manager support in Richfaces

    David Schauder Newbie

      Can I please request some support for a LayoutManager (Grid, etc.) in a future version of Richfaces? I love most of the components in Richfaces as they are straightforward and easy to use, but the lack of a basic mechanism to layout the page makes formatting a non-trivial page in Richfaces a real pain.

      Here is an example;

      I have a page with 2 tables of form inputs and various other information between the two tables. I want to line up the form inputs in the two tables with each other, but I can't do that without putting them in a table or hard-coding their width. h:panelGrid has no support for colspan, and rich:dataTable only works with dynamic data lists. An easy fix would be if you could extend rich:dataTable to not need to be bound to a List.

      It looks like Tobago supports layouts, but we are using Seam in a late-stage development project and can't add in another component library at this point. Can you please consider this enhancement request as I'm sure I can't be the only one banging my head against the wall trying to solve this problem.