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    Problem Ending a Task

    Michael Darr Newbie

      Ok so i have followed along with the dvd-seam example.

      However I am apparently doing something wrong here.

      I start the task ... i can see it in the debug.seam page.

      But when i go to end it. Nothing happens.

      Task as defined in the xml ->

      <task-node name="working" end-tasks="true">
       <task name="taskWorking" description="Tasks being worked on">
       <assignment pooled-actors="ticket-worker"/>
       <transition name="next" to="finished"/>

      The code on the task list where you start the task ->
       <s:button action="#{ticketWorking.viewTask}" taskInstance="#{task}"
       value="Set Task to Working"/>

      The Class ->
      public class TicketWorkingAction implements TicketWorking {
       Log log;
       EntityManager em;
       @Out(required=false, scope=ScopeType.CONVERSATION)
       Ticket ticket;
       Long ticketId;
       @In(required = false)
       String name;
       @In(required = false)
       String description;
       User authUser;
       //@BeginTask -- i tried either or
       public String viewTask() {
       log.info("ticket working - view task - #{ticketId}");
       ticket = (Ticket) em.find(Ticket.class, ticketId);
       log.info("ticket found - #{ticket}");
       return "/ticket_work.xhtml";
       public String save() {
       log.info("ticket working - save");
       return "/ticket_list.xhtml";
       public String finished() {
       log.info("ticket working - finished");
       return "/ticket_list.xhtml";
       private void saveChange() {
       // TODO change the owner?
       TicketChange tChange = new TicketChange();
       public void destroy() {

      The JSF page ->
       Description - <h:inputText value="#{description}"/><br/>
       <h:commandButton value="Save" action="#{ticketWorking.save}"/><br/>
       <h:commandButton value="Save and Send to Approval" action="#{ticketWorking.finished}"/><br/>
       <s:link value="View Tickets" action="/ticket_list.xhtml"/><br/>

      .... i am hoping its just something stupid. But any ideas could help

      Btw i have the two methods because I was trying both ways.

      FWIW Ticket is an Entity Bean.

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          Pete Muir Master


           public String save() {
           log.info("ticket working - save");
           return "/ticket_list.xhtml";

          This is right. Have you checked that the method is being called, and completing without exception?

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            Michael Darr Newbie

            I should have been more specific that's the problem its NOT calling it for some reason.

            IF i comment out the the @EndTask ... it will call the method just fine. Of course then it will not end the task if i do. So i know it is not a problem of finding hte bean. But for some reason put that @EndTask in front .... and it doesnt work.

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              Manuel Gombocz Newbie

              Just guessing:

              Could it be because of attribute "end-task" in

              <task-node name="working" end-tasks="true">


              According to jBPM docs this is ending tasks automatically. Just try to omit "end-tasks" attribute.

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                Michael Darr Newbie

                I tried omiting end-tasks and changing end-tasks to false and it still did not work.

                I did some more debugging and have an idea on the problem.

                Basically there is no task available and thats why it never executes the method.

                So i am assuming the long running conversation is no more. But i am not sure why that would be.