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    Errors bootstrapping jboss-beans.xml on Tomcat

    Michael Harrison Newbie

      I bought the book "JBoss Seam: Simplicity and Power beyond Java EE 5.0". I've been following the instructions to deploy an app on Tomcat, and I still cannot get it to work.

      Here is the latest in my list of problems:

      Per the instructions in the book, I added an additional datasource via a jboss-beans.xml file. However, as Seam initializes, I get this error message:

      14:30:22,109 ERROR [[/grand]] Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class org.jboss.seam.servlet.SeamListener
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: Incompletely deployed:
      *** DEPLOYMENTS MISSING DEPENDENCIES: Name -> Dependency{Required State:Actual State}
      omegaDatasource -> omegaDatasourceBootstrap{Instantiated:Instantiated}
      omegaDatasourceBootstrap -> CachedConnectionManager{Configured:** NOT FOUND **}, TransactionManager{Configured:** NOT FOUND **}, InitialContextProperties{Configured:** NOT FOUND **}

      However, if I cut-and-paste the datasource and datasource-bootstrap beans into the embedded-jboss-beans.xml, then it works. However, the book explicitly said that you did not have to edit the embedded-jboss-beans.xml file to add an additional datasource.

      BTW, if I add a CachedConnectionManager bean, etc. to the jboss-beans.xml file, then I get an error saying it has already been loaded; the app then shuts down.

      Is there a conflict between jboss-beans.xml and embedded-jboss-beans.xml? The Seam examples use a jboss-beans.xml file just like mine, and it works there... Hmm.....