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    why can seam connect to others database?

    tang tom Newbie

      hello everybody,i am a new user in seam.after i learn some examples and making seam-gen to a new project.now this is a problem that forum can't clarity to explain why do seam connect to others database,example for Oracle.Seam-gen's option 'what kind of database are you using?',i choice 'oracle' and jdbc is ojdbc14.jar.but finally it isn't a right result in building files.i find it is 'org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver' yet in jboss-beans.xml. Who can tell me why i can connect to others database in easying method.

      Seam is rapidity developing tools in web application,but it 's less in learn document.i only finding a book in this portal,it is 'JBoss® Seam: Simplicity and Power Beyond Java? EE',why can i gain because i am not dollar and not credit card in China,but i can payment RMB(Chinese money).Who already have this book's copy? if you may send me and i will send you equivalence goods.

      i hoping i can get your help. Thanks.

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          tang tom Newbie

          Today,after i compare booking example code,modified datasource in jboss-beans.xml and booking-ds.xml.now i already come into seam world.Seam is certainly plain but a bit bug is lesser develop article in seam.Who can give us more studing document? what some kind of knowledge necessary master before using Seam develop web application?