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    Need advice how to set up JBoss Seam with reusable domain la

    Mattis Stordalen Flister Newbie


      we are trying to figure out how to set up our project structure. I want the domain layer to be reusable regardless of the presentation layer.

      The setup I propose is this:

      #1 - Presentation Layer
      - Webpage (JSF)
      - JBoss Seam EJB

      #2 - Domain Layer
      - Stateless @WebService annotated bean
      - Not entirely sure if I want my business methods to be in the @WebService bean or not yet.

      I would use the JBoss Seam EJB to look up the webservice and use its methods to perform the operations I need it to do.

      Is this the right way to go about it, or..? I have the feeling I'm voiding the usability for JBoss Seam, but I don't want the Domain Layer to be so tightly coupled to the presentation layer.

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