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    troubles with rich:component

    Herbert Dowalil Newbie

      hi everyone!

      i tried to copy the suggestionbox example from the demo-application, and the rich:component stuff does not work. i tried all the other similiar functionality, like rich:clientId and so, it does not matter, i get the same error all the time:

      /kuvptnsuche.xhtml @71,143 onclick="#{rich:findComponent('ikzplzstaatinputsuggestion')}.callSuggestion(true)" Function 'rich:findComponent' not found

      this is what the code looks like:

      <h:inputText style="width:40px;" id="ikzplzstaatinput" value="#{kuvptnsearch.partnerSucheRequest.staat}" />
      <h:graphicImage value="/img/arrow.png" onclick="#{rich:findComponent('ikzplzstaatinputsuggestion')}.callSuggestion(true)"/>
      <rich:suggestionbox ajaxSingle="false" for="ikzplzstaatinput" usingSuggestObjects="true" suggestionAction="#{supportData.staatAutoComplete}"
      id="ikzplzstaatinputsuggestion" var="staat" fetchValue="#{staat.value}">
      <h:outputText value="#{staat.label}"/>

      can anyone help? i am using java 1.4 and for that richfaces 3.1.6 - could that be the reason? the manual does not tell from what version on the functionality exists

      merry christmas,