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    Can a var be updated from @Resource and a regular JSF form

    Cameron Ingram Newbie

      I have a var that is in one of my SFSB. The value is set from 1 of 2 sources. Either it is passed in on the URL, or it is set from a JSF entry page. The problem I am coming across is once I set the @RequestParameter annotation on the var it is no longer updated from the JSF page. It is however updated from the URL. If I remove the annotation it is can be updated from the page but obviously it won't be updated from the URL. I assume this happens because it isn't on the URL and gets over written with a null from the injection. Is it possible to have a var that is updated from both a JSF page and a url annotation? Am I doing some thing wrong?

      The code is very simple

      private String myVar;

      in the JSF page

      <h:inputText id="value" required="true" value="#{manager.myVar}"/>