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    Page parameters are injected in the wrong phase.

    Guy Veraghtert Newbie

      One of the advantages of page parameters for me was that you don't needed the tomahawk UISaveState component to pass parameters from one page to another, or to save state on a single page. However due to a recent -what at first sight seems to be a bug fix- change in the code base, this doesn't hold true anymore. Upon a postback, page parameters aren't injected until Update Model Values phase, this means that they aren't available in Process Validations (before the change, page parameters were injected before Apply Request Values phase, change commited 18/03/07, SeamPhaseListener, line 59).

      I used to pass entity id's via page parameters, however, the id's are necessary in the Process Validations phase: JSF evaluates a ValueExpression on an EditableValueHolder in the Process Validations phase to determine whether to queue a ValueChangeEvent or not.

      So in my opinion, page parameters need to be injected earlier than just before Update Model Values.