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    @Startup depends

    Monkey Den Master

      I have the following APPLICATION scoped component which I want to startup when the app starts. As you can see, in the create method, I want to add the injected messages Map to permCache but despite the depends attribute, "messages" is not available. Is the value of depends a Seam component name? Do I need to use components.xml to do this? I'd like to see more documentation on components.xml. I feel like I could be doing much more with it.

      public class NEMApplicationState {
       private Map<String, String> messages;
       private static WeakHashMap tempCache;
       private static HashMap permCache;
       public void create(){
       NEMApplicationState.tempCache = new WeakHashMap<Object, Object>();
       NEMApplicationState.permCache = new HashMap<Object, Object>();
       permCache.put(NEMApplicationState.START_TIME_CTX_NAME, new Date());
       permCache.put(NEMApplicationState.MESSAGES_CTX_NAME, messages);