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    Hotel Booking Example: doc and src are out of sync

    Tong Wang Newbie

      Dear Seam Project Team,

      While reading Seam Reference Documentation (1.2.0 patch1), in section 1.6.2, it mentioned: "Finally, the LoggedIn annotation and the LoggedInInterceptor are used to protect actions that require a logged in user.". However, when looking at the source directory jboss-seam-1.2.0.PATCH1\examples\booking\src\org\jboss\seam\example\booking, there is no LoggedIn annotation class, nor do the other classes use this annotation.

      I know the old way of doing security check: make a filter, implement the security check logic in the filter and map it to the url or servlet. I would be very interested to know how to implement a global security check as an interceptor and make it annotation. Can someone post an example of the LoggedIn annotation and LoggedIn interceptor?