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    context management for custom servlets

    Leo Baschy Novice

      Reference doc section "21.1.3 Seam servlet filters" subsection "Context management for custom servlets" discusses <web:context-filter url-pattern="/whatever/*"/>.

      It reads "The context filter expects to find the conversation id of any conversation context in a request parameter named
      conversationId. You are responsible for ensuring that it gets sent in the request."

      Q1) It doesn't say what happens if there isn't one? If none is found a temporary conversation is started? Yes or no?

      Q2) What are all the contexts available (also as found by lookupInStatefulContexts)? Method, Event, Page, Conversation, Session, Business Process and Application? Which ones of the list?

      Q3) It isn't clear (says nothing) about transactions. Is the whole servlet request wrapped into one transaction? If so, great.

      Q4 if answer to Q3 is "No") So could one annotate the Servlet with a @Name (scoped to event?) and then use @Transactional (for the doGet, doPost) or should one use another class as a component with @Name and in there @Transactional?