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    pageflow annotation and pages.xml

    Andrew Wheeler Newbie

      I am using seam 1.20. I have a problem starting a pageflow:

      If I use the pageflow property of the @Begin annotation the pageflow will not start and subsequently will not move from the first page. e.g:

      <pageflow-definition name="linkCorrespondence">
       <start-page name="upload" view-id="/secure/document/linkCorrespondenceWfUpload.xhtml">
       <transition name="next" to="entity"></transition>
      @Create @Begin(flushMode=FlushModeType.MANUAL,pageflow="linkCorrespondence")
      public void create() {

      However the following code does work when using the depreciated function:
      @Create @Begin(flushMode=FlushModeType.MANUAL,pageflow="linkCorrespondence")
      public void create() {

      The pageflow does work if I use <begin-conversation> element in the pages.xml:

       <page view-id="/secure/document/linkCorrespondenceWfUpload.xhtml">
       <begin-conversation pageflow="linkCorrespondence" join="true" flush-mode="MANUAL"/>
       <description>Link new correspondence</description>

      However the conversation must specify join="true". If it does not and the page refreshes or submits then a new conversation is started which produces an error. I also notice that if the conversation is started using <begin-conversation> that the conversation description is not shown in the conversationList or on the debug.seam page. Is this a consequence of specifying join=true?