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    Persistence Context vs. Seam-managed persistence context JPA

    Zalder R Newbie

      I'm kind of new to Java JPA and Hibernate and after having read the Seam documentation, all the persistence options in Seam are kind of complex for a first start ...
      If I understand it right (also looking at the examples in Seam), there is 3 way to achieve Java persistence in Seam :
      - direct use of Persistence Context (the booking example)
      - using Seam-managed persistence
      - with JPA (blog/jta example)
      - with Hibernate (hibernate, hibernate2 example)

      I have 2 questions :
      - what would you advice for a first start using Seam inside JBoss ?
      - what would you advice for an advanced usage of persistence using Seam inside JBoss ?
      - what are the relative advantages of the different solutions ?