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    richfaces setup

    Shivaji Byrapaneni Newbie

      Hi floks,

      i`m new to this rich faces world please help me in setting up the application using rich faces jars

      i had downloaded rich faces jars from jboss site and i got these

      1) richfaces-api-3.2.2.SR1.jar
      2) richfaces-impl-3.2.2.SR1.jar
      3) richfaces-ui-3.2.2.SR1.jar

      please help me in understanding what each of these jars is for...?

      and also please let me know what are the extra jars that i`m supposed to add for my Dynamic web application to run succesfuly.

      please treat me as no men user and help me in doing this.
      Thanks in anticipation.

      Shivaji Byrapaneni.