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    HibernateSessionProxy ClassCastException

    dazhu tang Newbie

      1. i want to inject the hibernate session in seam,so i config the component.xml as follows:
      <core:hibernate-session-factory name="hibernateSessionFactory" />

      <core:managed-hibernate-session name="session" auto-create="true"
      session-factory-jndi-name="java:/HibernateSessionFactory" />

      2. Inside managed Bean , i use @in to inject the Hibernate Session,
      but when i am using DetachedCriteria in my application

      DetachedCriteria criteria =


      i got the HibernateSessionProxy ClassCastException,i debug the application and found that seam injected HibernateSessionProxy not the real HibernateSession object . So DetachedCriteria can't work.

      Does it mean that i can't use DetachedCriteria in my application?