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    Vanishing component....

    Tony Herstell Master

      This gets "actioned":

       <s:button value="#{messages.button_add_image}"
       action="#{uploadController.startUpload(the_user)}" rendered="#{the_user.picture == null}"/>

      which triggers this (from debugger):

      but the uploadController component is now not found...

      but does exist...

       InterceptionType.NEVER obviously has the side effect of preventing @Injection
       but it also prevents IllegalStateExceptions due to Seam not being initialized
       during requests to this bean from the current implementation of the FileUploadManager. As the
       FileUploadServlet gets integrated into the normal Servlet mechanism,
       this will go away.
       @Stateful // A component stays in existance for the duration of the Scope (conversation in this instance).
       @Name("uploadController") // Name used within SEAM for an instance of this class.
       @Conversational // Scope that this class exists in.
       public class UploadControllerImpl implements UploadController, Serializable {

      Here it is...

       11:02:44,031 INFO [Component] Component: uploadController, scope: CONVERSATION, type: STATEFUL_SESSION_BEAN, class: nz.co.risingstars.actions.upload.UploadControllerImpl, JNDI: risingstars/UploadControllerImpl/local

      Any suggestions?

      Am using IceFaces 1.6DR#2+Greg Dick fix & Seam 1.2