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    f:setPropertyActionListener and s:link

    Eric Yip Newbie

      Does anyone know if f:setPropertyActionListener and s:link work together? I have the following code snippets and it does not seem like my backing bean "selectedTab" property is being set.

      Any help is appreciated.

      <s:link action="#{topNavBar.select}" value="Performance" propagation="none">
      <f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{topNavBar.selectedTab}" value="performance"/>


      public class TopNavBar {

      private Log logger;

      private String greeting = "No Greeting";

      private String selectedTab;

      public String getSelectedTab() {
      return selectedTab;

      public void setSelectedTab(String selectedTab) {
      this.selectedTab = selectedTab;

      public String getGreeting() {
      return greeting;

      public String select() {
      return "redirect-index";

      public void setGreeting(String greeting) {
      this.greeting = greeting;