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    lost parameter after login/forwarding

    henrik lindberg Apprentice

      I have implemented "search" in the general fashion of the "blog" seam example - and it works fine.
      When I added restriction that the user must be logged in to perform the search, the user (if not logged in) is redirected to the login page, and when logged in, the user is forwarded to the search result page.

      All fine so far... but -

      The searchPattern parameter was lost as the user was forwarded.
      Is this a problem with the login/forwarding mechanism, or should I do something different to make this work?

      To trigger the problem (have not tried this, but basically this is the difference in my code compared to the blog example).
      Put a restrict to user having the role 'user' in the pages.xml for /search-xhtml, and put a @Restritct on the factory method in SearchService that produces the searchResults.