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    [OT] Trinidad 1.0.0-incubating

    Matthias Wessendorf Newbie


      since some of you guys are using Trinidad w/ the Seam technology stack, I wanna keep you posted, that there is now a first release of the Trinidad components:


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          Pete Muir Master

          I've put together a Seam-Trinidad example based on the 1.0.0 release of Trinidad:


          It also integrates RichFaces/Ajax4jsf and demonstrates using the support Seam has for tying Trinidad's table paging and ordering to the persistence layer tightly.


          It's currently only available in Seam CVS, but will be in 1.3BETA1 when it's available.

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            Atle Prange Newbie

            Pete: I read your blogpost about facelets-plugins which seems very interesting. But i cant seem to locate the Seam Wiki you refer to. (I tried the CVS ROOT of Seam)
            ( I have just made a small site with wiki functionality using seam and facelets, following the first strategy you mention. But I realize that whatever I do which i think might be smart, you guys are making it faster and better than me. Maybe i should just lean back and wait a bit longer. Chances are that you build the while application i am developing before me ;) - keep up the good work )

            Any hints on where we can find the Seam Wiki?

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              Pete Muir Master

              It's in CVS at examples/wiki - Christian can give you a better idea of where he's got to with it.

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                Atle Prange Newbie

                This looks excellent!

                I used a different approach. I modified the seam antlr grammer so it would recognize the macros, and replaced it with a home made injection tag (<wiki:inject name="macroname" factory="wiki.macroname('param1','param2')" />)

                I then run the facelet compiler over the content, leaving it to create the components. The inject tag works just as a normal UI:include: It includes a facelet with the same name as the macro, but it additionaly calls a factory method on a seam component named 'wiki.', which creates a java bean that is then passed to the included facelet. That way i can have a different bean for each macro, based on the params the user supplies. (The params are supplied to the factory as strings)

                My approach has several obvious downsides:
                Compiling the text every time is time consuming
                No form submits, since the components disappear after they have been rendered (i think)

                The pros: I can back every macro with a bean, which is created based on macro parameters.

                Next i am thinking of implementing markers, that can give text some semantic meaning that is a bit more advanced than the normal tags.

                The beauty of seam is that it just makes it so easy to implement!

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                  Pete Muir Master

                  This sounds approximately like the way the wiki works - I don't quite get how you are using the macros - you put your wiki:inject tag inline with the wikitext? The Seam wiki add's [<=plugin] to the wikitext grammer, and then includes the relevant plugin at this point. Each plugin has a preferences bean (a bit like the your macro bean I guess). You could probably apply the approach I described in the blog to your include as well (it solves the disappearing components problems)

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                    Atle Prange Newbie

                    Yes, i replace all text that looks like [:<param_1>;...;<param_n>] into <wiki:include name="" factory="wiki.('param_1',...,'param_n')"/>

                    The text is then compiled by the facelet compiler and finally rendered.

                    I'll try to understand your approach a bit better, it seems more elegant :), and then see if i can combine them somehow...