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    Complete, working Example-Implementation for EntityHome<Obje

    Stefan Frank Newbie

      After struggling a while with getting an implementation for EntityHome running, I am about to give up: A comlete example, that is actually running and can be deployed, would be helpful - the docs are too sparse to get this things really up and running: Here is my problem:

      Given the example from the docs:

      public class PersonHome extends EntityHome<Person> implements LocalPersonHome {

      The docs say:
      A second advantage is that your classes may be EJB stateful sessin beans, if you like. (They do not have to be, they can be plain JavaBean components if you prefer.)

      However, if I don't make the PersonHome either stateful or a stateless SessionBean, I get JTA-Transaction-Excpetions. But if I make them Stateful, I have to figure out which methods are needed on the Interface, as all Classes above (EntityHome and Home) are abstract and don't have any interface I could simply extend.

      Overall, this approach looks only half-finished (lacking proper documentation, examples and refactoring) - which is really a shame, as it is not flagged "experimental" and naive users like me are tempted to give it a try (although I should know it better by now and wait for at least two iterations for the api to stabilize...)

      If anyone has gotten this baby to run, I would really appreciate any hints/examples!!


      PS: Please don't misunderstand this post, I absolutely love seam, but it would be really helpful to flag new and untested parts of the framework accordingly instead of mixing them with the stable ones....