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    Handling nested conversations [newbie]

    Jean Lemoine Newbie


      this is quite basic but I can't find resources on that :

      I'm running into trouble with conversation contexts.
      Imagine the following -classic- scenario involving State and Country entities:
      1 - a user initiates the Create State process, and searches for the adequate Country in a drop down menu.
      2 - since the Country does not exist yet, he clicks the "New Country" button
      to launch the Create Country child process.
      3 - the country created, the app resumes the Create State process, and why not pre-selects the newly created country in the (updated) menu.

      This is so basic that I couldn't find anything on that.
      The Seam Issue example handles sub processes, but is not self explanatory and doesn't work ("conversation ended"...).
      I've seen that the login procedure does that, but I can't imagine putting interceptors everywhere.
      Last, I've browsed the javadoc and found stuff like Conversation.endAndRedirect() but I really don't know how to use that.

      I've poked around with @Begin(nested=true) annotations and the like, without success ("conversation ended ..." at best).

      Is there any simple tutorial for that use-case, guideline, best practice?...

      Thanks in advance,