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    Page Redirection with Seam Navigation

    Richard Teviotdale Newbie

      I would like to use JSF or Seam navigation rules to redirect page requests. This would avoid having to update all the other pages' references when a page changes location. I've tried variations of the following configuration:

      FILE: /real/location/actual_page.page.xml
       page PUBLIC "-//JBoss/Seam Pages Configuration DTD 1.1//EN"
      <page view-id="/imaginary/location/virtual_page.xhtml">
       <redirect view-id="/real/location/actual_page.xhtml"/>

      But with no success. Sometimes I can get a 403 Error: Access to the requested resource has been denied, but more often I recieve a 404 Error: Resource not found. I have not created any access restrictions on the target file.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated, especially if someone knows a resource for instructiuons / examples of Seam navigation.