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    HtmlDataScroller set number of pages manually

    Jordy Baas Newbie

      Hello there,

      I use a HtmlDataScroller with an ExtendedDataTable using the richfaces 3.3.0CR1. I create all my components dynamically with Java.

      I want to set the number of pages on the datascroller manually, this is because I cut the datamodel in pieces of 10 or 20 rows to improve performance, when i do this, the datascroller thinks there is only 1 page.

      What I wanted to do is set the number of pages on the datascroller to the number of pages which I calculated myself dynamically. If i click on a page on the datascroller, I want to retrieve the clicked page in a bean and set it using a new datamodel with 10 or 20 new rows in it.

      Is this possible?