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    Why org.jboss.seam.Model.getBeanClass() was made final?

    João Paulo Santos Newbie

      I was using the version 1.1.0.GA.

      To implement my Bussines logic i have made some think like this: MyBaseAction(with some generic stuff)
      MyAction1 that extends MyBaseAction
      MyAction2 that extends MyAction1

      But im my JSP file I always use #MyBaseAction.someMethod()

      For this to work I have to implement a new MyComponent that extends org.jboss.seam.Component and overide the method getBeanClass(). To resolve de bean class dynamic by URL.

      When i upgrade to version 1.2.1.GA the method getBeanClass() was made final in the Class org.jboss.seam.Model.

      Why this methods was made final?
      Is there another why to implement generic actions?

      One important thing is that I want to keep all my EL like this #MyBaseAction.someMethod() and dynamic resolve the class of the MyBaseAction.