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    rich:inplaceSelect doesn't call valueChangeListener

    Roland Schöler Newbie

      Hi folks, probably an already solved issue was introduced new to this release.

      Here is the link to the closed JIRA (found through google-search):

      If you use a simple rich:inplaceSelect and combine this with a valueChangeListener, the underlying Backingbean method is never called. Although no JS error is shown in FireBug.

      My environment:
      RF 3.3.0 CR1
      MyFaces 1.2.3

      Here is my code, you will see it's straight forward....

      <rich:inplaceSelect value="#{articleEditHandler.art.fibre_direction}" id="fibre_direction"
       defaultLabel="Click here to edit #{msgs.article_fibre_direction}" selectWidth="150"
       <f:selectItem itemValue="DQ" itemLabel="DQ [Decklage quer]" />
       <f:selectItem itemValue="DL" itemLabel="DL [Decklage längs]" />

      public void articleFibreDirectionChanged(ValueChangeEvent vce) {
       log.info("Test - VCE-Values::: old: " + vce.getOldValue() + " new: "+vce.getNewValue());

      with friendly greeting and best wishes for a happy new year