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    Question on Seam Request/Response Cycle

    Ajaneesh Rajashekharaiah Newbie


      Is there some documentation that explains the request cycle in a typical seam application. i.e starting form a xyz.seam, how the request maps to entries in navigation.xml, pages.xml etc.

      Basically trying to understand what is the first thing that happens inside of seam when a xyz.seam request comes in.

      In the booking example, the non *.seam request "localhost:8080/jboss-seam-booking'" is getting redirected to home.xhtml. How is this happening or where is this configured. At first it looked like the refresh configured in the index.html was doing this but on further investigation, found that index.html was no where in the picture as welcome files list was not configured. Also found that home.seam is not a default as the registration application redirects to register.seam by default.

      Any explanations or pointers in this regard will be greatly appreciated.